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Welcome to the English version of the original page of Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer.

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6. 3. 2017 - Spellplague Werewolf revealed (neutral unit)

3. 3. 2017 - Bio-Titan revealed (neutral unit)

26. 2. 2017 - Storm Viper revealed (neutral unit)

25. 2. 2017 - Vermin revealed (neutral unit)

3. 2. 2017 - Morlor revealed (evograde of Ripper)

27. 1. 2017 - Leviathan revealed (evograde of Moloch)

22. 1. 2017 - Rift Demon revealed (evograde of Deathbringer)

9. 1. 2017 - Jailer revealed (evograde of Enslaver)

8. 12. 2016 - Scapular revealed (evograde of Xenophage)

4. 12. 2016 - Lurker revealed (evograde of Searcher)

1. 12. 2016 - Mine Devil revealed (evograde of Mine Beetle)

27. 11. 2016 - Spawn revealed (evograde of Scavenger)

16. 11. 2016 - first new skill revealed: Mutagenesis and new system: Atmos

30. 10. 2016 - active abilities of units rebalanced

9. 10. 2016 - Ripper revealed.

16. 9. 2016 - Shapeshifters revealed.

11. 9. 2016 - Stargazer revealed.

6. 9. 2016 - Wormor and Sealstone revealed

3. 9. 2016 - cities of Mondalar revealed

30. 8. 2016 - Mordochs story revealed

25. 8. 2016 - Moloch revealed

23. 8. 2016 - Xel and C'sura origins story revealed

14. 8. 2016 - Deathbringer revealed

12. 8. 2016 - translation to English has started

11. 8. 2016 - Enslaver revealed

7. 8. 2016 - Xenophage revealed

4. 8. 2016 - Searcher revealed

1. 8. 2016 - Mine beetle revealed

30. 7. 2016 - launch of the Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer project and Scavenger revealed


The story of Wryn Pendragon

Everything started quite innocently when Wryn, the youngest of three siblings, who was 8 years old at that time, decided to show his brothers what's he really like. They girded at him, laughed at him all the time and they have never taken him seriously. At least until one rainy evening, when he suddenly brought home a gold coin. Last time Pendragons saw something made of gold was when the great-grandfather with his golden tooth had still been alive. First of all, brothers didn't believe him. Immediately, the oldest one tried the authenticity of the coin out - and the sharp pain was proving enough. Wryn suddenly felt his brothers admiring him. Finally, he has reached something, although he didn't know the consequences of his behaviour that time.

10 years have passed since the stealing of the cold coin. Wryn, however, instead of celebrating his full age among his brothers, roamed about the town and tried to earn living as much as possible. Unfortunately, he lost both parents, who died of pernicious purple plague. Both his brothers shortly after the death of their parents left the town. The older brother, who has always tended towards faith, decided to join the Zakrath Church, so he went to Glericia. The younger one, who has never omitted any occasion to grapple, sailed to Peyrron, where he enlisted the imperial army. Only Wryn stayed at Bragoss and lived on thanks to occasional thefts.

However, it has changed two years later, because the town was affected by the second, this time already overwhelming, wave of plague. Most of inhabitants died and the ones who had survived, ran away southwards. Wryn got infected by the plague but thanks to the last quid he had stolen to scurrying buyers, he could allow to find a great healer. Nevertheless, the town was to extinct and he knew that he also has to leave. In the end, he joined a caravan of merchants that headed into far-away Rayang. He decided not to steal, at least for the travel time, and to try to earn some money on food by some auxiliary work. As the son of blacksmith, he was more than desirable in the caravan. But it was a too short experience for his hunger and urge to succeed.

(The Hunt - Undeads organized hunt for survivors who refused to leave the city. Illustration: ticor)

In the mystic town of Nagas, thievish occasions were waiting for him around almost every corner. It was also the first time he came across some rivalry. He even nearly lost his bare livelihood at one moment. Life, however, taught him how to behave in such cases and he managed to obtain some important half-world contacts. His agility, rhetoric, but also his ability to merge in a crowd brought him countless numbers of clients and Wryn suddenly became a respectable thief. At least he thought so, before he had finally realised that the more clever ones were only exploiting him to some seamy work and that he had never got further than he used to be in his native Bragoss. Filthy, hungry, exhausted and - primarily - broken on spirit, Wryn suddenly felt entire desperation. It was like he returned into his childhood again, when everyone laughed and pointed at him. He was agonised.

And exactly in that moment, he met a girl that let him put all the problems aside. She was the absolute opposite of what he was. He has never told her that he used to live of thefts. He let Jensu, how the girl was called, to speak instead. Admitted only his very first stolen coin, Wryn continued with description of his shining carriere as the blacksmith master. Soon, they decided to leave Valaria and sailed southwards to Mallynor together. It was the first time ever Wryn noticed himself, while watching some children playing together, imaginating his own, not yet born ones. Jensu was already in her sixth month of pregnancy with twins. Wryn absolutely forgot that he used to be a thief and he enjoyed being a smith more and more. Especially when he could forge to order, using rare materials like shadow steel from Yzgar was.

The fate, however, played a terrible game with Wryn, preparing him the temptation he could not withstand. A big exhibition has taken place in the local temple, presenting many rare artifacts and relics of the famous collector Ramon Crane. Among all these things was a glamorous phoenix egg. A fable covered artifact, that was made from the purest gold, containing 77 precious stones. According to some legends, it was just a case "real" phoenix egg was hidden in. Wryn visited the exhibition several times and every time he found out that stealing the egg would not be any problem. He had a chance to get wealth, thanks to that he, Jensu and even their children would never have to work any more. And finally, he'd reach more than anyone else ever did.

He decided to steal the egg early in the morning, when the temple guard changes. Night would be ideal for him to hide, but it wouldn't be possible to go around the guards staying exactly next to the egg . Having everything well-planned and timed, he got to the egg quite easily. He didn't, however, know that some magic could be used on that place, so when he finally touched the egg, he was hit by so strong stream that he was literally pinned to the floor. Followed by shivering air explosion, all the water turned to ice. Wryn was laying there in the ice prison, the egg still holding in his hand. It was obvious for him that death is awaiting him for such a terrible crime. What a surprise was when he was visited in the prison by Ramon Crane himself, offering him the deal he could not refuse.

Ramon Crane admitted that Wryn was the first thief who has ever dared to steal the egg. Without the magic traps added at very last moment, Wryn would probably took the egg unheeded. The deal was simple: Wryn would steal him a dragon ring from a nobleman called Draven Leander. If Wryn brings him the ring without wearing it, he will receive a reward in gold and a ship into the Glacast seaport will be ensured for him, where he will obtain his own house. Wryn's woman will be used as an assurance and she will be punished in the same way he was supposed to if he decides to run away. Wryn didn't have any other possibility than to accept, so he traveled to Zakratos where the nobleman lived.

He was very surprised to see neither any guard nor any conniving traps were in the nobleman's palace. To steal the ring out of the hand of the sleeping nobleman, drunk by wine, was incredibly easy. And even when Wryn woke Draven up while escaping, Draven didn't have any chance to catch agile boy in tortuous alleys. So Wryn waited for the ship on the concerted place, which was supposed to carry him back to get the promised reward. Suddenly, something unexpected happened - the ring was brought to life. A dragon head on the ring flinched and made a very strange noice. Wryn was just staring at it in a huge disbelief. Nobody told him anything about it, so he had no idea what to do, how to behave. But he didn't want the living ring to fall him down somewhere on the way, so he deployed it...

The story of Xel race and C'sura Alliance

Many of Sur (as members of While council call themselves) believe that first Xel beings arrived on their native planet Eb from near-by nebula, which has never been entirely explored. That time, all the factions of C`sura behaved separately, being in persistent conflict. Only the coming of powerful enemy made these factions unit together. Immediately, enemies became allies.

The first conflict was more likely a massacre than a battle and unprepared Sur tasted the power and resolve of this parasitic space race. However instead of death, it meant endless enslavement for defeated Sur. Step by step, Xel started to control bodies and minds of their hosts. At the end, even particular members of Council stood against each other and the only “rescue” was entire destruction of host bodies. Those who survived without being enslaved escaped to contiguous Yeg Moon and contacted other factions, creating thus the later famous C`sura Alliance.

Opinions about finding a radical solution were more and more frequent. Pa`Raktos, later known as the Architect, belonged to supporters of these ideas. And it was exactly he who came with an idea to create an ultimate weapon which would destroy Xel once and forever. The Council finally agreed and the work on the Messiah could start.

Xel has already controlled whole Eb and everything indicated they would leave the planet soon towards the further colonisation. The Messiah was also prepared but nobody wanted to bear responsibility for millions of victims which would die together with Xel. Eventually, Pa`Raktos himself took all responsibility and The Messiah was launched, even through many protests. The result of the weapon was perfect – it has really engulfed the whole planet. Everybody was celebrating defeat of Xel and mourning at dead relatives at the same time.

The Architect, fascinated by destructive power of the weapon, left to a near nebula in a hope he could disappear and get the necessary time for loading the Messiah again. But he was confronted with the primordial Xel– immaterial entity which used him as its host. So the Architect left the weapon in the nebula to divert attention from himself and he headed in a smaller spaceship towards the wormhole.

(Architect - flees to prepare the Messiah for the second attack. Illustration: ticor)

After finding the Messiah in the nebula, it was decided to modify it in order to be executable only by someone from Sur who would get the permission from all members of the Council. Also a new condition was assigned: absence of anyone on the target planet. So the Messiah has been deactivated and hidden on a safe place on Yeg Moon, in a hope it might be possible to launch it never more.

At the same time, a battle-cruiser was sent to chase escaping Pa`Raktos who was the last host of Xel entity. Passing through the wormhole damaged his ship enough to make him force land on the nearest planet. Without any control over the ship, it was more like falling-stone than landing. He created a huge crater on the north continent and the alloy the mantle of his spaceship was created of sealed him inside. So he created his own tomb, imprisoning his own dead body, as well as the Xel entity.

C`sura reached their aim. After short survey on the place of impact, their sensitive devices found no activity. So they decided to cover the whole place and created a massive mountains above the crater thanks to their abilities. It was decided that seven members of Sur would stay on the planet as eternal guardians. They named the world “Mon`Dalar”, which means “Eternal Guard”, and they changed their appearance into impressive creatures – dragons, not to scare the nations living there, by their true appearance.

(Transformation - Sur undergoing transformation and becoming the Dragon gods. Illustration: Ticor)

As the time has passed, dragon guardians slowly started to forget horrible things they had experienced. On the contrary, they enjoyed how the countries worshipped them as their gods. They sent a message to their native planet from time to time but there was nothing to report more and more often. Xel has never appeared again and the massive mountains have been settled by first tribes.

Thousands of years have passed and only shadows became from once powerful and proud Sur. And it was exactly that moment Xel entity had been waiting for, poisoning minds of all living creatures for centuries in the Iron Mountains’ surroundings. Using the name Arkath, this false dragon god was ordering dwarves to dig deeper and deeper. It helped them to get rare metals which had been created during the spaceship fall and which were the only ones being able to break through the sealed mantle.

In the day of opening the Xel tomb, a furious storm of red lightning rose across the whole world. All nations turned immediately to their gods to help them but they kept silent. Surprised by something they hadn’t been prepared for, they rather escaped to the depths of cold space. Humans, elves, dwarves and other nations had to rely on themselves. And thousands of mutated creatures were coming towards them from Iron Mountains, having no mercy.

Mordochs, worshippers of the False Dragon god

Wa ghu'hul xuia,
Wa uftax xuia.
Gu'a iat xuia' ghutgun,
Gu'a iat xuia' laun.
Wa tha'a us,
Wa ftaa' us.

“We are worshipping you, we are listening to you. Give us your wisdom, give us your pain. We share it, we bare it.” So that’s how my rough translation of the prayer, which I have personally listened to during one of the numerous rituals of these bizarre creatures, sounds.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Ra-mei Shebec but my friends call me just “Ra”. I come from Kiwa, the desert town, and I usually spend my time sorting my notes and writing scientific books from all corners of Mondalar. I would say I’m a traveller-adventurer and as regards exploring new things, I’m afraid of almost nothing … except for furry primeval forest spiders, they’re truly disgusting.

When I heard about strange behaviour of Yzgar dwarves, I had to travel there to look into it more closely. The welcome was great in the port town Kog-Badur – I was offered the local Bear beer and I got drunk as a sailor. Next morning, except strong hangover, certain Grumdumir was awaiting me, with the message that everything had been prepared. Only after I was silent for one minute, trying to recover my failing memory, I remembered I had paid him to accompany me to the Iron Mountains.

We set off at dawn – the next day. The hangover was even stronger than the Black Bear of Thorrim! The foggy morning even amplified the choking atmosphere enveloping us. We reached the place where, according to Grumdumir, “ominous howl” and “frosty whispering” could be heard, indeed rapidly. But then we slowed down and we even stopped for a while. Consequently, I caught myself huddling enough not to be visible behind Grundumir … behind the dwarf!

A fascinating show started exactly in front of us, full of obscure shrieks, howling and later only of quiet whispering, or rather invocation. On the top of all these things, red fires were dancing and the crooked creatures were casting shadows of endless anguish over us. I attempted to note down at least the part of the text these creatures were chanting again and again. I was able to find out later that it had been an altered (intentionally?) dialect of an old dwarven language and we translated it thanks to Grumdumir.

(The Ritual - ongoing accompanied by throbbing drums. Illustration: ticor)

After I returned to my room in the pub, I was continually thinking about everything I had seen there. About the distorted bodies which could have once belonged to dwarves. About the victims they had worshipped and kowtowed to. About the rhythmic rumble of drums and their far-away expressions. The night was full of nightmares. I had even the feeling I had heard a frosty whispering under the window at one moment.

Next day, I decided for a different path to get to that ritual place from the other side. I thought we could use natural hides behind numerous boulders, getting thus closer. Even that time, Grumdumir let me know the price I had paid him did not compensate the risk he had to undergo. So I agreed and increased his reward. I was attracted by inexplicable power to that place, being also deadly terrified. It was the first time I have ever admitted that I had gone too far.

The way through the other side of the mountains was a bit longer, so we reached the place in the very late afternoon. The sun was almost behind the sky-line and the awareness that we would return back at the entire darkness didn’t help us at all. In spite of it or because of it, we continued further, hiding behind a cracked boulder which provided us just as protection as a great view. The ritual has already reached its full force when the wind turned over, blowing away from us! However, it did not seem the creatures had a good smell – or they did not let us know it at least.

(Mordoch - going back under the mountains. Illustration: ticor)

Approximately one hour later, the drums calmed down and the creatures set out together towards the mountains, towing their pickaxes, which must have been used for excavating tunnels, behind. This was exactly the moment I had been waiting for. The sun has already set a long time ago but the surrounding fires were still going down in the deepening darkness. I shucked out of my cover and I came directly to the totem a victim was tethered to. Or more likely what remained of it because it turned out the creatures were cannibals. Except animal skulls, teeth and out bones, nothing exceptional could be found. So I jotted the totem quickly and added it to my picture of one of the creatures for a later documentation of my journey.

When I turned around to hint Grumdumir to leave, I heard a quiet whispering behind me. I didn’t want to turn back and scared eyes of the dwarf also told me not to do so. But my innate curiosity won so I did it. I won’t forget the things I have seen until the end of my life (and I suspect not even after it). It’s hard to describe in our language what exactly I have seen; I even believe it’s not possible. A creature or an entity, hovering over the altar, having no stable shape. Sharp edges changing into shaky ones and back in a moment. It seemed the entity existed among different dimensions and spaces than we could describe or perceive. Its whispering was a deafening shout at the same moment. In a complete torpor of body, mind and spirit, with open mouth, I was just looking at non-existent infinite, at flaming frosty wasteland, at absolute existence. I could personally found any other words to describe the thing, not going mad. It took ages… and then I have finally lost consciousness.

When they woke me up in my room, I was happy that everything was over. Immediately, I managed everything needed to return home and I shipped away even that day. I brought the translated prayer, two quick sketches I have coloured during my way back and remembrances which are surprisingly still terribly vivid with me.

I called the creatures “Mordochs” which means “worshipers” (but more likely with the meaning “fanatics”). What the thing they had worshipped should have been, according to later news, was the dragon god Arkath himself. A proud, strong and fearless dragon. But I know that name has been taken by a creature which will scare me in my dreams for a long time.


Their origin hasn’t been fully explained yet but many people suppose the artefact received by Stargazer had played some “role” in it. It was exactly he who could be the “parent” of creatures which can change their mortal frame, while keeping their psychical characteristics. The first Spaceshifter has been seen after the strong storm rose across whole Mondalar. They were more likely shy creatures at first, confused by what had happened, constantly changing their bodies’ appearance. Several of them have been caught and researched but none of them has survived in captivity longer than just a few days.

However, their aggressiveness has increased after some time and some first attacks have been reported. First of all, they hunted only some ground game, using transformation into innocently looking creatures; however later, they ventured on humans as well. It was almost impossible to reveal them before the attack occurred. Nobody could have been sure if the nearest bush or tree was not a transformed Spaceshifter in fact. Nobody was safe. Approximately that time, the Penumbra Order started to show their concern about Spaceshifters, and its members were also the first ones to make one of the Spaceshifters reveal its real body - its true appearance.

They had a body pretty similar to the human one, with the only difference on their head, or rather on their forehead - it has a big triangular hole in. Also their eyes were absolutely far-away and almost frostbitten. After further experiments, Stargazer alone came from distant Ilaris to look at the Spaceshifters. He was the member of the Penumbra Order, so it was no problem for him to take several of them along to the Thunder Mountains when his observatory, that time heavily damaged by a storm, was.

(The Shapeshifter - during the Penumbra Order experiments. lllustration: ticor)

Attacks of the Shapeshifters decreased later, till they entirely ceased at last. It’s hard to say if the Penumbra Order or Stargazer were the ones who had caused it, but everyone was glad they had disappeared and nobody looked for what had happened to the rest of them. On the other hand, deep in cold catacombs, the Penumbra Order was holding a secret, hidden for the rest of the world. Instead of eliminating Spaceshifters, they started to breed them and use them for their own purposes. They were successful especially when obtaining some secret information or when discrediting the “uncomfortable” people.

On the opposite, Stargazer took up with nine Spaceshifters, modifying them by the aid of astral magic. He intended to use them as his bodyguards as well as auxiliaries. But when he realised Spaceshifters’ menace was much more relevant than he had expected, he decided to create nine golems with one Spaceshifter inside each of them. He tied their minds together to create a net which should allow him to reveal the upcoming threat. Although having different bodies and skills, Spaceshifters acted as one, with the same movements and speech. He decided then to give these golems to the particular nations of Mondalar:

Humans got an Armored Golem, the guardian of Justice.
Mages got a Fog Golem, the guardian of Order.
Necromancers got a Dark Golem, the guardian of Death.
Orcs got an Animal Golem, the guardian of Traditions.
Elves got a Natural Golem, the guardian of Life.
Dark elves got an Obsidian Golem, the guardian of Shadows.
Dwarves got a Steam Golem, the guardian of Flame.
Demons got a Fire Golem, the guardian of Chaos.
Nagas got an Astral Golem, the guardian of Harmony.

As regards undead and demons, he hesitated at first but in the end he had to acknowledge that the enemy of his enemy could be a good ally. So he chose the lesser evil. Unfortunately, his plans were thwarted by Xel rays golems’ bodies haven’t been protected against. The Dwarven golem was hit as the first one as thanks to their common mind, the ray spread to other golems. So they mutated into enormous size and started to attack everything surrounding them. Instead of guardians, nine strong golems rage across whole Mondalar and nobody has been able to eliminate them so far.


Main protagonists of the story and heroes you will meet.

Wryn Pendragon

The snatcher, living of smaller thefts, receives an order from a mysterious Collector to steal a ring. The stranger promises a huge reward for the ring but this money is balanced by a danger of death as the owner of the ring is an important nobleman. Wryn, however, masterly succeeds in stealing the ring from the nobleman's palace. During his escape, the suddenly revived ring surprises him and he deploys it (although he is prohibited to do so from the mysterious stranger). After deploying the ring, the ring "bites" him and he falls into vital coma. Just a short while later, a young woman rises from the shadow next to dead Wryn, checking the ring on his finger and resurrecting him during a ritual as an umbramancer - shadow wizard, who is able to keep the souls of the dead in the stones and to tap a power from them. Coincidentally, Wryn gets to the position for the nobleman, greedy of might and immortality, who payed all his possession for it. Wryn is being chased now by not only the nobleman, who wants to get his place in the Penumbra Order back, but also by the Collector, who wants to get the ring.

Yana Rane

The youngest member of the Order. The daughter of grandmaster, admitted early for his intervention, due to his statements about her being infected by a vital disease. He also claimed he didn't want to watch her anguish, so a murderer was hired to kill her - she was consequently resurrected as an umbramancer. The true reason was actually her father couldn't stand her relationship with the son of his former teacher, who had impeded him from becoming a grandmaster for his affinity with necromancy. Just to make sure, her father used a lobotomy not to Yana find his true intention out. It is exactly Yana who resurrects Wryn accidentally, allowing him to join the Order with his stolen ring. She's expelled for her act and she has no possibility than to escape together with Wryn.

Ramon Crane

Also told as The Collector. Dragon ring is one of few artifacts still missing in his collection, so he is willing to do everything to capture it. After several unsuccessful attempts to pay to the best thieves in the land, he decided to accept a risk, hiring young Wryn for this task. Wryn had failed in the attempt to steal his phoenix egg and when he caught him, he offered him the agreement instead - and Wryn accepted it. He repeated Wryn several times that he wasn't allowed to deploy it, but only to bring it. He planned to use the dragon ring at the end of his life to obtain immortality but Wryn thwarted his plans.

Draven Leander

Greasy and fulsome nobleman, who obtained his possession thanks to many plots, tricks and murders. He dreamed whole his life about reaching physical and mental transcendence - about reaching immortality. Finally, after very long negotiations, he managed to obtain the favour of the Penumbra Order and he received a dragon ring. Naturally, it attracted attention of the mysterious Collector, who has sent several thieves for it. Only Wryn was successful but he payed for his curiosity and deployed the ring. So Draven lost not only his chance to become immortal, but also his possession he had given to the Order. His only wish is to find Wryn Pendragon now and to make sure he would suffer even after his death.

Mordechai Rane

The head of the Penumbra Order. He became a grandmaster through very dark practices which had been noticed by his teacher, impeding him from advancing. Mordechai decided to put his teacher away, imprisoning him in the Void, outside time and space, outside the living and the dead. Subsequently, he took care of newcomers giving their possession to Order - such a rule hadn't existed before. He rules the "ordinary" world thanks to the Penumbra Order, because he controls powerful rulers of the particular countries, whispering them his personal thoughts. He is also known as The Puppeteer.


Mordechai's disciple, accepted by him as his own son. Instead of Penumbra doctrine, Mordechai dedicated him to necromancy. But it wasn't enough for Malak and he wanted more and more. More than Mordechai, more than anyone else. So he obtained access to the forbidden magic secretly. Without anyone else knowing it, he started to learn spells which could destroy whole world. He had never used his true name, immediately, after joining the Penumbra Order, he started to call himself Malak. Was it a coincidence or some hit of fate, that it was also the name for forgotten god, who had written the Grimoire of forbidden magic?




A character covert by mysteries. He is told to own a powerful artefact, given to keep by Sur before they left Mondalar. Nobody has been able to find out yet what exactly it is. Most likely, it will have some connection with an emergent race of Spaceshifters. Stargazer alone has never tended towards any part of the conflict, rather spending his time exploring night sky. But after the events with Xel, when the storm damaged his observatory, he accepted the place of the Emissary of Sur on Mondalar. He expects their return and destruction of Xel afterwards. Until then, he decided to bar in his residence in the Thunder Mountains, waiting for a sign. He’s one of the adepts to become a master of the Penumbra Order and Mordechai alone mentioned once that if he was to pass his position on, it would be exactly in Stargazer’s behoof.



Except for new heroes, you will also find brand new and unique creatures in Mondalar. The most of them will belong to Xel [zel] race – these units will represent original inhabitants of the world, mutated or differently physically or mentally distorted. The rest of the units belong to C'sura [k-sura] alliance or to Neutral units.



Mine Beetle





Moloch / Ripper
  evograde evograde evograde evograde evograde evograde evograde



Mine Devil




Rift Demon

Leviathan / Morlor

(warfare units)




(bonus unit)



Dark Golem

Animal Golem

Armored Golem

Astral Golem

Fire Golem




Storm Viper

Spellplague Werewolf

Scavengers aren’t any direct products of mutation, they’re more likely some kinds of first, quick experiments from dead bodies of wolves and piedogs. The very first blast of Xel rays wasn’t endured by any of these animals, so their bodyparts were connected togheter and brought to life by a strong eletric discharge. Except for their incredibly sharp teeth and clutches, infected by aggressive bacteria, Scavengers are able to regenerate very quickly from living bodies of their enemies. But be careful, although having no eyes, Scavengers can still hear and smell you really well, so you have only a very low chance to escape them.

1 - 6  4   2  25 6
30 0 0 - 100
core unit (strong)

Devouring infection: All adjacent living enemy units will be affected by heavy infection (-3 , -3 ), which lasts as long as the enemy stack is near the Scavenger. All Scavenger’s attacks against living infected unit also have healing effects on Scavenger. Enrage: Whenever attacked by enemy, Scavengers have a 30% chance to get in furious trance, increasing their attack (+5), maximum damage (+3) and movement (+5) for 3 turns. Blind: The creature is naturally blind and therefore immune to blinding effects.

Spawns have been created by using a special evolution accelerator. Thanks to it, considerably restricted Scavengers evolved in a short time period into really dangerous hunters who can weaken their victims with a pathogenic field. As soon as anyone appears in its scope, they will feel its effects immediately and even after escaping from that area, it will take some time until the body recovers. This patogene has, however, exactly opposite effect on Xel units, strengthening them as long as they are in the scope. From their previous stadiums, the Scavengers, they kept their Enrage ability so there is always a chance for every enemy attack to infuriate and thus reinforce them. Thanks to their upgrade, they got their sight back, so they are the best candidates for guarding important places.

2 - 6  4   4  35 7
35 10 0 - 140
upgraded core unit (strong)

Enrage: Whenever attacked by enemy, Scavengers have a 30% chance to get in furious trance, increasing their attack (+5), maximum damage (+3) and movement (+5) for 3 turns. Pathogenic field: All adjacent non-Xel units receive -3 attack and -3 defense. All adjacent Xel units receive +3 attack and +3 defense. Undead and constructs are not affected.

Mine beetles, how shadow dwarves call them, were exposed to Xel rays as the first ones. Consequently, bloodthirsty monsters became from harmless beetles, getting the ability to cleave any skull thanks to their mandibles. Their small, but efficient wings enable them to get even from the deepest mines. The mutation, however, most strongly influenced constitution of their both outer and inner shells. A very dangerous substance circulates inside, which becomes explosive when it gets in touch with air. Just a small spark is enough then (which can be by the way also created by beetles themselves thanks to their special-shaped nose) to turn the surroundings to fire hell with fiendishly green shade. Against this kind of attack, beetles are protected by their strong armour, absorbing any magic. So it’s definitely not advisable to flank them, because their armour can ward off any such attack.

1 - 3  2   4  20 4
25 0 15 - 75
core unit

Protective shell: Thanks to special shell, this unit is protected against all spells and magic effects. Any received magic damage is halved and this unit cannot be flanked. Wildfire: Whenever attacked by enemy, Mine Beetles have a 15% chance to secrete special volatile substance and to emblaze it, dealing thus fire damage to all adjacent units. Additionally, the attacker can be burned.

Mine Devils underwent a drastic change; followed by orders of their masters, they renounced their ability to fly and their shield protecting them in the underground. Also there’s not so high amount of unstable substance circulating in their veins any longer because they transmit it to cocoons they can summon on the battlefield now (or the hero). These cocoons, filled with an exploding substance, explode themselves after several turns, damaging thus everything in their surroundings, including constructs and undead. Additionally, once per battle, they can protect any other friendly unit by a shield which absorbs any spells, making the unit absolutely magic resistant. These units haven’t been designed to survive for a long time and to endure long battles; their primary quest is to protect allies against powerful spells and to bring chaos and destruction into the enemy ranks through casting timed bombs (cocoons).

2 - 4  3   3  25 6
30 15 15 - 90
upgraded core unit

Cocoon Summoner: Enables hero to summon a cocoon on the battlefield, filled with an unstable substance which explodes by 3 turns, damaging thus all surrounding creatures. Void Shield: Once per battle, this unit summons a shield clustering around any friendly creature, absorbing any magic. The effect lasts for 3 turns.

Searchers are eyes of Xel entity. They can travel long distances very fast and communicate with each other thanks to special waves no other creature is able to record. Nothing evades their five, complex eyes. Therefore they’re perfect spies to be sent to enemies’ territories. Originally, it was a kind of peaceful insect which mutated after being affected by Xel rays into intelligent humanoid, being able to find weak points of their enemies. They don’t face out even their stronger enemies – they can scare them enough to make them retreat instead of retaliation. While holding their enemies in, they can signal their allies where to hit their enemies exactly to cause as much harm as possible. Marks applied on their victims can be later used be higher units of Xel entity (elite and champion ones) to buff their attacks.

2 - 2  2   2  15 6
35 15 0 - 80
core unit

Terrifying roar: Whenever attacking enemy units, Searchers have a 15% chance to emit a horrific roar. This unit’s attack terrifies enemies, making them escape 2 tiles back and decreasing their morale. Mark of the Searcher: Every successful attack of this unit marks target unit. Other Xel units can use these marks to buff their attacks.

Lurkers obtained their name according to the way of their hunt – they do literally lurk for a moment when their unsuspecting victim approaches. It has only time to see their jaws, full of sharp teeth, quickly gaping… Although they lost their original abilities in the transformation process, they newly obtained a dangerous miasma, surrounding all living creatures at the moment of critical strike (or good morale). The effects on living enemies are similar to a strong poison; however, the danger is in its changeability when it can deal damage by more magic schools in one single moment. Xel units which are used to this miasma can heal their wounds thanks to it as it has an effect of a curing potion on them.

2 - 4  4   2  15 7
38 15 15 - 95
upgraded core unit

Devouring Miasma: When this unit’s positive moral effect triggers, this unit deals X damage to all enemy living creatures by a random magic school and heals X HP from all friendly Xel units. Anciant Miasma: When this unit performs a critical strike, X damage by a random magic school is dealt to all enemy living units and the hero receives +5 mana.

Xenophages were first beheld leaving the deepest seas, where crabs and other similar sea creatures were being mutated. Their appearance is really scary but even some potential prey with average speed can easily flee them, because xenophages cannot be definitely called as “fast”. Their compensate this disadvantage by their senses: their sight is indeed reduced, so they can “see” through their head stumps only short distances – but if any Searcher is present on the battlefield, xenophages can feel their marks and target the prey really accurately. Their skull shield has not only communication but also protective function and it can even summon dreaded Xenostorm of red lightnings, dealing heavy damage to everything on the battlefield and having a chance to shock the creatures.

6 - 12  8   10  40 3
15 0 15 50% 400
elite unit

Presence of the Searcher: range: Ranged attacks against units marked by Searchers will ignore the range penalty. Xenostorm: At the beginning of each battle round, there is a 10% chance that Xenophage will summon a powerful storm, dealing air damage to all enemy creatures.

After finishing the evolution process, Scapulars filled their bodies and veins with a dangerous acid, which can not only seriously cauterize living organism and literally corrode their defensive features, whatever they are, but also damages undead as well as constructs. It often used to happen during long campaigns that Xel lords had to exhaust all power of wormors. And so they had no more effective weapons to destroy enemy fortifications in sieges. This has been solved when the new generation of Scalupars came; their ranged attack has been modified in a special way and they can hit walls, towers or gates of towns, being thus able to replace warfare if necessary.

6 - 8  10   8  55 5
33 15 0 100% 440
upgraded elite unit

Acid Strike: This unit can hit town walls with its acid during sieges. Chemical Burns: There is a 20% chance to reduce attacked enemy’s defense to 0. The effect lasts for 2 turns.

Enslavers were originally higher life-forms which mutated to be able to use their enemies for their own profit. Different even-toed animals mutated into heartless monsters after being affected by Xel rays. It was possible to see them running on all fours at the beginning but their rose up as the time went on, and bony stumps formed on their front limbs, which became useful as very efficient and dangerous weapons. Blindness, caused by mutation, was balanced by great smell and ability to “see” the ray produced by every thing, plant or creature in Mondalar. Enslavers can feel the presence of Searchers on the battlefield and their chance for dealing critical hit to marked enemies doubles. Their most powerful weapon are not their deadly stumps but their ability to enslave minds of lesser creatures. They can either order them to attack their adjacent unit, even friendly, or they can simply paralyse their minds, making them skip their next turn.

7 - 14  10   8  45 5
33 0 15 - 375
elite unit

Presence of the Searcher: luck: Successful attacks against units marked by Searchers will get +15 to luck. Enslave: Target creature will be enslaved. Effect of Enslave differs dependent on creature’s level: Core creatures immediately attack random adjacent unit (even friendly), getting +5 to attack and -5 to defense. Elite creatures will skip their turn without any action. Can be used twice per battle. Blind: The creature is naturally blind and therefore immune to blinding effects.

Jailers Jailers have been “breeded” as Xel rulers’ bodyguards, being in charge of extensive dungeons full of prisoners, and torturing them before their executions. Once they strike their victim, they imprison it in a special magical cell nobody can escape from, until a Jailer moves. In this way imprisoned victims can be even executed when the whole group of units receives additional damage by magic. If rulers set off for longer time, out of their territories, Jailers are exactly the ones who accompany them as nobody can make captives divulge their secrets (before they die) as well and efficiently as Jailers do.

15 - 15  12   12  60 5
30 20 0 - 475
upgraded elite unit

Imprison: There is a 30% chance to imprison and immobilize the enemy. The effect lasts until the Jailer moves. Execute: When hittings imprisoned creatures, this unit has a 10% chance to deal X to Y additional damage.

Being originally sea fish, Deathbringers got the ability to leave waters and walk as people do after they had been radiated. Additionally, they can use dimensional gates to shorten distances. They can disappear out of our time and space for a short while, getting a special shield protecting them from all physical attacks as soon as they return back. Therefore no moat or wall can stop them, they simply teleport through obstacles or suspicionless enemies. As well as their creators, ancient Xel race, even deathbringers can get the protection of space-time rifts once per battle, absorbing all received damage for certain time until certain amount. These abilities significantly influenced deathbringers’ appearance and frequent travelling between dimensions distorted their bodies and blinded them. Instead of eyesight, they rely on some "radar" they used to use under the water as well. As soon as they feel presence of Searchers on the battlefield, they are able to hit the marked enemies twice.

16 - 22  13   8  90 7
32 0 15 - 1500
elite unit (strong)

Blind: This creature is naturally blind and therefore immune to blinding effects. Planeswalker: Deathbringers use dimensional gates to move. After translocation, this unit gets 50% resistance to all physical attacks until the end of the battle round. Presence of the Searcher: double attack: This unit will attack twice against units marked by Searchers. Rift cloak: At the beginning of each combat, this unit receives special cloak, absorbing all damage. The cloak disappears after absorbing 100-200 damage or after 3 turns.

Rift Demons have been created when the original Deathbringers were exposed to powerful effects of Xel rays and to the consequent shift among dimensions. Thanks to that, they became more durable and they also received the ability of summoning space-time rifts which damage the target by prime magic; additionally, there’s a chance of pulling surrounding enemies to the rift’s centre. No wonder they became popular with those commanders who prefer to use especially area attacks. On the top of it, they can use dimensional gates to shorten distances. So they disappear out of our time and space for a short while, getting a special shield protecting them against all physical attacks as soon as they return back.

16 - 22  13   10  90 7
35 0 15 - 1650
upgraded elite unit (strong)

Void Heart: When performing the attack, there is a 30% chance to summon The Heart of Void which deals 3 to 7 (prime magic) damage and pulls all surrounding creatures. Planeswalker: Rift Demons use dimensional gates to move. After translocation, this unit gets 50% resistance to all physical attacks until the end of the battle round.

Molochs are ultimate creations of mutation. Their origin is enveloped by mysteries but some scholars are convinced about them being deep demons or such creatures whose demon blood has been replaced by something much more powerful and much more manageable. Their prime purpose is to deal as much damage as possible on the battlefield. Therefore their hands have additionally mutated, having two mauls with sharp, skeletal ecphymas instead of fingers now. Thanks to these weapons, they can hit all enemies in front of them by one blow, so it’s advisable for their enemies not to stand close to each other during attacking them. If they sense the mark of the Searcher, they attack with even more resolve and power. They are also often used as siege weapons because they can struck in ground with the power huge enough to cause local earthquakes, damaging thus defending features of enemy’s castles. Those who aren’t in the air at that moment lose their balance immediately, becoming thus easy targets for one round.

65 - 95  25   20  500 4
20 0 10 - 7500

champion unit

  Seismic wave: Performing a huge blow, Moloch summons an earthquake, dealing X to Y damage to all town walls and towers. All enemy units standing on the ground lose their balance: their initiative and defence is halved until the end of the battle round. Can be used only once per battle. Sweep: This unit hits also the enemies near the target unit. Critical strikes have 20% chance to stun. Presence of the Searcher: attack: Successful attacks against units marked by Searchers will get +5 to attack.

Leviathans are the ultimate evolution forms of Xel lords. These enormous colossi cause earthquakes yet with mere walking, sowing thus seeds of doubtfulness and uncertainty among enemies. Their extremely thick skin ensures them not only almost perfect defense but also provides them protection against all flanked attacks, thus making them much less effective. Their massive fists can hit all enemies in front of them at once, so it’s not advisable for their enemies to stand next to each other even during a common attack. However, what the smaller enemies should be afraid of the most is the tremor these monsters cause when jumping. They hit everything small on the ground, no matter on which side of the conflict they are. (That’s why they are usually accompanied especially by big Xel units this ability has no effect on.)

70 - 100  30   25  570 4
26 0 15 - 8350

upgraded champion unit

  Tremor: This unit’s body causes a smaller earthquake, dealing 15-45 damage to all small (1x1) units on the battlefield. Can be used only once per each battle. Sweep: This unit hits also the enemies near the target unit. Critical strikes have 20% chance to stun. Thick Skin: This unit’s skin changes all full-flanked attacks against this unit to flanked attacks (reduces full-flanking bonus). Additionally, it provides additional +5 defense.

Rippers were originally orcs who became slaves in swamp mines to exploit sulphur crystals. After being affected by Xel rays, their pertinacity and power have been several times multiplied. Additionally, they have received natural resistance against any earth damage and earth magic. They can also transmit this ability to adjacent friendly units; on the contrary, it weakens enemies to enable even more damage to be dealt consequently. During the mutation, the bones have been enormously extended, providing thus dangerous weapons to get even through strong armours. If the Searcher is present on the battlefield and if it marks enemy creature, all rippers’ attacks have higher chance to increase their morale. Because of staying in marshes for a long time, even their skin becomes a weapon – whenever they are attacked, the attacker is damaged by a poison, which secretes during the contact.

50 - 60  30   24  360 5
35 10 0 - 5700

champion unit

Piercing Blades: Creature's attacks ignore 25% target's defense. Presence of the Searcher: morale: After successful attacks against units marked by Searchers, this unit receives +15 morale. Swamp Lord: This unit is immune against all earth damage or spells. All friendly adjacent units receive earth resistance. All friendly enemy units receive weakness against earth. Poisonous Skin: Enemy melee units receive 20% of dealt damage after attacking this creature.

In spite of their robustness, Morlors are quite fast killers. They are able to shred meat as well as a steal thanks to their dangerously long and sharp claws. During the mutation, the bones have been enormously extended, providing Morlors thus dangerous weapons to get even through strong armours. But what makes them redoubtable enemies the most, is their ability to weaken their opponents so much that only several more strikes are needed then to kill them. That’s because when performing critical strikes, they reduce the HP of targeted creatures which means the judgement of death especially for weaker creatures. So it’s definitely wise to keep their value of destiny as low as possible to get never touched by their hand of death!

60 - 70  35   25  400 6
35 0 20 - 7500

upgraded champion unit

Piercing Blades: Creature's attacks ignore 25% target's defense. Hand of Death: This unit’s critical strikes reduce the HP of the enemy by -5. Each enemy creature can be affected only once per battle.

Wormors are creatures summoned by Xel onto Mondalar after they got back their full skills. These astral worms can focus energy into a strong discharge, damaging thus walls of enemy castles. They were originally supposed to be deployed against enemy creatures too but their energy charge was not so effective against moving targets. If the Wormor’s body is destroyed, protective gadgetry are activated and the whole worm falls in a hole thanks to a space-time rift it creates. But the regenerative process takes some time so the Wormor can return only at the time of the next battle. If his master demands it, it can sacrifice itself (dealing a huge damage to itself, disappearing into the rift) and heal and resurrect friendly units with its remaining energy or even heal constructs.

65 - 105  0   4  1500 0
100 0 0 100% -
siege warfare unit

Energy Charge: The Wormor shoots at town walls, dealing them X to Y damage (prime magic). The power of this effect depends on hero’s mastery in the warfare skill. Astral Sacrifice: The Wormor sacrifices itself, healing X damage (including repairing constructs) to all friendly creatures (except for undead). The power of this effect depends on hero’s mastery in the warfare skill.

Sealstones come even from the age when Mondalar was protected by Sur who used these stones to quickly transmit the information over long distances. They were also some “beacons” any Sur could teleport to. But Sur stopped using them with time, until they deactivated them and left them on Mondalar as landscape decorations only. After Xel entity awakening, during the night when the powerful storm rose across the whole world, these stones activated themselves. Xel rays made very powerful weapons from them which are able to slowly weaken their enemies. It is possible to charge and consequently overload each stone, weakening thus all enemy creatures. But as this process requires a lot of energy, it’s possible to do it only once per each battle.

0  0   7  450 0
30 0 0 100% 500
support warfare unit

Seal of Doom: The stone marks the target creature with a seal, casting a random negative effect on it. Charge: Instead of performing an attack, the Sealstone spends its turn to charge itself. It receives the Overload ability the next round. Can be used only once per each battle. Overload: The Sealstone releases all its energy, casting random negative effects on all enemy units.

Pending translation
byla poprvé spatřena v severním Ilarisu, konkrétně v okolních hvozdech Fogvagu. Původně šlo zřejmě o nějaký druh hmyzu, který však po zasažení zářením Xel zmutoval. Útoky havěti jsou mířené především na tvář protivníka, aby snížily jeho iniciativu. Tyto takzvané "špinavé střely" jsou spolu s vysokou iniciativou havěti tou nejsilnější zbraní. Ovšem je tu ještě jeden aspekt, který by neměl být opomíjen a tím je nezastavitelné množení, které pokud nepřítel zpočátku ignoruje, může přerůst v nepřemožitelnou přesilu!

1 - 7  7   1  15 3
40 15 15 50% 75
core unit

Swarm: Tato jednotka se začne od příštího kola množit, dokud nezemře nebo neskončí bitva. Dirty Shot: Zasáhne cílovou jednotku směsí hlíny, písku a prachu s 30% šancí na snížení iniciativy o -10.

Pending translation
Bouřné zmije 
pocházejí z Hromových hor a pro tamní šamany jsou to posvátní tvorové. Mají dar Otce nebes a v jejich žilách koluje jeho nestálá povaha, takže mohou kdykoliv vyvolat menší bouři kolem sebe díky svým šupinám. Ty rovněž zajišťují imunitu vůči tomuto poškození od jiných zmijí. Na bojišti jsou obávanými protivníky díky rychlosti a schopnosti zasáhnout více cílů kolem sebe. Zároveň také umožňují svým pánům jednou za boj požádat Otce nebes o pomoc a seslat jeho hněv v podobě bleskového úderu.

15 - 20  13   7  77 7
37 0 10 - 450
elite unit

Lightning Scales: Jednotka má 30% šanci na začátku každého kola získat elektrickou auru, která zraní vzduchem všechny jednotky v okolí. Storm Champion: Zajišťuje imunitu vůči poškození způsobenému Bleskovými šupinami. Hrdina získá kouzlo: Bleskový úder.

Pending translation
pochází z Rayangu, kde před příchodem Xel byli vzdálení příbuzní Kappy. Po zasažení zářením se však jejich mírumilovná povaha proměnila stejně, jako jejich drobná těla. V tomto ohromném kolosu je uvězněna zlovolná duše, která je schopna při kritickém úderu vypustit smrtící dávku bioplazmy na všechny své nepřátele. Naštěstí je tato schopnost doprovázena okamžitým vyčerpáním a další plošný útok může být proveden nejdříve za tři kola. Bio-Titán je doslova vyvoleným osudu, který mu kolo co kolo dává okusit sladké polibky vrtkavé štěstěny, která si však za svůj dar vybírá nemalou daň v podobě slábnoucí obrany.

30 - 50

 25   50  375 5
30 15 0 - 8250

champion unit

Bioplasm: Při kritickém úderu spustí Bio-Titán plošný útok, který zasáhne všechny nepřátelské jednotky základní magií. Tato schopnost vyčerpá Bio-Titána po dobu 3 kol. Wheel Of Fortune: Na začátku každého kola se zvýší štěstí o +10 a obrana se sníží o -10 (maximálně 5x, poté se efekt resetuje).

Pending translation
Kouzlomorští vlkodlaci
jsou posledními zástupci vlkodlaků na Mondalaru. Před vymřením, nebo spíše vyhubením, je zachránil Ramon Crane, který si chtěl na svém panství držet párek těchto krvelačných bestií jako živé exempláře své sbírky. Rozhodl se je i "vylepšit" speciálně vyšlechtěnou nákazou zvanou "kouzlomor", která silně oslabovala mágy. Ovšem tato nákaza se neblaze projevila i na vzhledu samotných vlkodlaků, kterým vypadala všechna srst. Nakonec zesláblo i jejich tělo a Crane se rozhodl ponechat vlkodlaky svému osudu. Netušil však, že vypuštěním zpět do divočiny se jejich řady během pár let rozrostly o desítky nových kusů a organizované smečky začaly napadat okolní vesnice. Jejich přirozená nenávist k upírům z nich dělá obávané soupeře, zvláště když jim dokáží zablokovat jejich vysátí života. Naposledy byla smečka viděna s novým vůdcem, který si říká Černý Dráp.

3 - 7  7   4  35 8
50 0 20 - 145
strong core unit

Spellplague: Každý úspěšný kritický úder nakazí cílovou jednotku kouzlomorem (snižuje magii o -2 a ubírá -5 many každé kolo). Hatred for Vampires: Tato jednotka způsobí dodatečné poškození všem Upírům a Upířím lordům a zablokuje jejich schopnost: Vysátí života.

Město Xel

V kampani, kde budete ovládat jednotky Xel, se podíváte i do jejich města, které si vybudovali pod zemí. Narazíte zde na roztodivné jednotky, které prošly mutací, ale i na ultimátní artefakt, jenž odkazuje na samotný okamžik, kdy entita Xel vstoupila na Mondalar.

Grail 9



Stone Workshop
Sells warfare unit
Village Hall
Town Hall
City Hall
Thieves Guild
Gives info about enemy heroes 19
Protective totem
Casts protective spell in battle
Storm Generator
Equips town with two siege towers 11
Mage Guild
I., II., III., IV. level 20
Protects the town during siege
Resource Silo
Produces rare resources 12
Monitoring Center
Monitoring Center
Tracking Center
Slows and debuff enemies during siege
Trades resources 13
Rift Gate
Buffs units in battle 22
Recycling Pits
Produces gold
Produces ore 14
Hall of Heroes
Recruits new/defeated heroes 23
Věž zloby
Tower of Malice
Tower of Hatred
Town Portal
Gives the spell to teleport back 15
Temple of Death
Temple of Death
Temple of the Void
Buffs prime magic in AoC
Halls of Pain
Halls of Pain
Halls of Torment
Charging Station
Refreshes movement and mana 25
Augmented Xenostation
Dark Laboratory
Dark Laboratory
Grim Laboratory
Black Palace
Black Palace
Obsidian Palace
Debuffs enemy heroes in AoC


Explore 2 brand new skills, created specially for this project:
Mutagenesis is Xel race faction skill, affecting all living creatures. It provides special boosts on the one hand but at the price of some side effects on the other hand.
Alchemy is purely crafting skill, unique for the Craftsman hero class. Upgrading this ability enables your hero create various alchemistic potions and substances, later even powerful golems, fighting for your hero in the battle.

  Novice: Enables your hero cast: Mutagen of Wrath, Mutagen of Persistence and Mutagen of Vigilance. Mutagens last for 1 turn.
Vyžaduje: -
  Expert: Enables your hero cast: Mutagen of Protection and Mutagen of Agility. Mutagens last for 2 turns.
Vyžaduje: one novice perk.
  Master: Enables your hero cast: Mutagen of Rage. Mutagens last for 3 turns.
Vyžaduje: one expert perk.
  Velmistr: -
Vyžaduje: one master perk.

Schopnost Úroveň Popis


Friendly units affected by Mutagen of Wrath deal 20% more damage during flanking and full flanking attacks.

Mutagen of Wrath: Increases friendly unit’s attack by 100% but reduces its defense to 0. Constructs and undead are not affected.


Friendly units affected by Mutagen of Persistence recover 25-50 HP at the beginning of each turn.

Mutagen of Persistence: Increases friendly unit’s defense by 100% but reduces its initiative to 1. Constructs and undead are not affected.


Morale of friendly units affected by Mutagen of Vigilance is increased by +15.

Mutagen of Vigilance: Friendly unit cannot be flanked but its movement is reduced to 0. Constructs and undead are not affected.


Friendly units affected by Mutagen of Protection obtain poison immunity.

Mutagen of Protection: Increases friendly unit’s magic resistance by 25% but its physical resistance is decreased by 25%.
Constructs and undead are not affected.


Friendly units affected by Mutagen of Agility cannot be slowed down by enemy.

Mutagen of Agility: Increases friendly unit’s movement by 50% but this unit deals 50% less flanking damage.
Constructs and undead are not affected.

Fatal Fortune

Luck of friendly units affected by Mutagen of Rage is increased by +15.

Mutagen of Rage: Increases maximum damage of friendly unit by 50% but its minimum damage is decreased by 50%.
Constructs and undead are not affected.

grandmaster Hero obtains +1 attack and +1 magic for each casted Mutagen. The effect lasts until the end of combat.


This system has been created specially for this project. In Heroes series, weather has never been much important. This changed a bit in the latest game, where at least some interesting visual effects appeared. The Atmos system, however, goes much further, combining these effects with special buff and debuff effects random generation. These effects apply to your hero which is situated in the Area of Weather Influence (AWI). At the same time, also the combat map changes, loading instead of an ordinary one (so you can see snow or rain directly on the battlefield).
The weather changes every day: if the hero stays in the AWI, the original effects is lost and replaced by a new one. During the combat itself, it’s applied directly to both friendly and enemy units. The longer a hero stays on the battlefield affected by weather, the stronger effect on units the weather has (up to 3rd rank triggering in the round 5).

The list of all current weather effects:

Duration Weather effects


Heavy Rain



Haunting Fog
1. - 2. turn
Chilled ICombat effect: Causes  Fire Magic vulnerability and reduces  Movement of units.

Overheated ICombat effect: Causes  Water Magic vulnerability and reduces  luck of units.

Soaked ICombat effect: Causes  Air Magic vulnerability and reduces  attack of units.

Disorientated ICombat effect: Reduces  movement and  initiative of units standing on the ground.

Blessed ICombat effect: Provides  Dark Magic resistance and increases  luck of units. Undead and constructs are not affected.

Cursed ICombat effect: Causes  Dark Magic vulnerability and reduces  morale of units. Undead and constructs are not affected.
3. - 4. turn
Chilled IICombat effect: Causes  Fire Magic vulnerability and reduces  movement of units. All units already damaged in the combat receive  water damage.

Overheated IICombat effect: Causes  Water Magic vulnerability and reduces  luck of units. All shooters now attack with 50%  range penalty. Whenever any unit moves on the ground, it receives  fire damage.

Soaked IICombat effect: Causes  Air Magic vulnerability and reduces  attack of units. 20% chance for each unit to get hit by lightning (=receive additional  air damage) during each turn.

Disorientated IICombat effect: Reduces  movement and  initiative of units standing on the ground. These units also receive  earth damage at the beginning of each turn.

Blessed IICombat effect: Provides  Dark Magic resistance and increases  luck of units. All defending units recover small amount of  HP. Undead and constructs are not affected.

Cursed IICombat effect: Causes  Dark Magic vulnerability and reduces  morale of units. Units also receive dark damage when using active abilities. Undead and constructs are not affected.
5. turn
until the
end of combat

Chilled IIICombat effect: Causes  Fire Magic vulnerability and reduces  movement of units. All shooters now attack with 50%  range penalty. All units already damaged in the combat receive  water damage.

Overheated IIICombat effect: Causes  Water Magic vulnerability and reduces  luck of units. All shooters loose  range attack. Whenever any unit moves on the ground, it receives  fire damage.

Soaked IIICombat effect: Causes  Air Magic vulnerability and reduces  attack of units. All shooters now attack with 50%  range penalty. 30% chance for each unit to get hit by lightning (=receive additional  air damage) during each turn.

Disorientated IIICombat effect: Reduces  movement and  initiative of units standing on the ground. These units also receive  earth damage at the beginning of each turn and they cannot defend.

Blessed IIICombat effect: Provides  Dark Magic resistance and increases  luck of units. All defending units recover small amount of  HP. Additionally, all shooters’ fire  range is increased. Undead and constructs are not affected.

Cursed IIICombat effect: Causes  Dark Magic vulnerability and reduces  morale of units. Units also receive  dark damage when using active abilities. All shooters now attack with 50%  range penalty. Undead and constructs are not affected.

Map of Mondalar

(Mondalar map in full resolution)

A town on the Crystal Lake coast. The residence of the highest mages. Also the famous Astral Library can be found here. Except for chronicles of ancient nations, powerful spells are enshrined here. What’s more, some legends claim that the Book of Forbidden Magic can be found in the built-in wing of the library.


A shadow temple, used also as a monastery of the dark elves. At one time, there used to stand the sacred Stone Circle, where druids from Kallion exercised the Rebirth Ceremony, annualy during the time of solstice. But after the ejection of the dark elves, it has been destroyed and replaced by a new sanctuary, dedicated to Malassa.

A lake town inhabited by necromancers who settled down after the original inhabitants had been affected by purple plague. It used to be a very prosperous place, great for trade before the purple plague came. But the necromancers felt they chance and they occupied it as soon as the last few survivors escaped. From those who had been infected, they created their undead servants afterwards.


A city under the Thunder Mountains, belonging to orcs from the Blood Hand Tribe. The town has been established by proud warriors who had fought as slaves before they defied their masters and escaped westward through the Wild Sea. Nowadays, they live alongside beastmen.

A fortress in a frozen wasteland. Used as demons ‘asylum where they can intrigue without any interruptions. Demons have been driven out of their former resort, the Iron Mountains, by a powerful alliance of Bragoss people and the shadow dwarves from Yzgar. It was supposed they wouldn’t survive for long time on such an unhospitable place. However demons adapted soon, starting to use ice and snow as their new natural protection.


An imperial city on the Jade River. The Terracotta Empress is settled here – an enormous, clay statue, looking down on the valley, which is supposed to destroy the enemy in case the town would be attacked. People are constantly arguing about this legend being true or not. But one thing is certain: if it really became alive, it would have no rival on the battlefield.

An Elven harbor and the capital, where the Ivory Tower and the Highest Temple of Silver Moon can be found. The place where the highest druids, who lost their sacred Stone Circle, meet regularly. Thanks to it, the town is the aim of piratic invasions of Rabdos orcs, resisting so far thanks to their powerful magic only.


A still operating lighthouse, nowadays used as a demon laboratory. Demons perform experiments on wild animals as well as on humans, especially on adventurers who come to wipe out the demon’s thread on Mondalar once forever. Consequently, they send their creations to the surrounding lands to test their skills.

A fortress high in the Thunder Mountains, inhabited by orcs from the Single-Eyed Clan. They practice their shaman magic here. Originally, they sailed in and established the Mug-Chazzar town but as they divided upon their opinions with the others more and more, they decided to leave, going to high mountains to gather the power of the Father Sky.


A former shore fortress, used as a military basis and as a port now. The imperial army hires new recruits and trains them on various places for different styles of fight. In case of danger, this fortress is fully defendable and can be also used as a shelter against mass attacks of dragons or spells, thanks to its underground catacombs.

A town of the dark elves, used also as a port. One of the best assassins of Mondalar can be hired here. The place where the black market with stolen goods blooms and where a scroll with a spell of forbidden magic had been seen (or it is told so at least).


A big port and a merchant town of mages. Apart from goods, also cheap slaves can be hired there, if they haven’t escaped through the sea to Ilaris yet. The town prospers especially thanks to strangers being concerned in slaves and rare artefacts.

A port and a mercantile town of humans and mages. Used as an embassy for both empires, this town can be used by both nations thanks to common agreement. They use their joint effort as well when they’re fighting against wolfish crusaders who plunder their merchant ships “regularly”, and who also even dare to attack the smaller of harbour towns sometimes.


An island colony of the dissenting orcs. They regularly invade the merchant ships and plunder the coastal towns. Their most common target is Ciranthir they haven’t been able to conquer only due to strong, protective spells. But their pertinacity has no limits, so maybe once…

A pirate base of the wolfish crusaders. The majority of them are escapers who found a pleasure in such way of life. Their stolen treasures and goods from merchant ships are hidden on the surrounding islands or they trade with them on the black market.


A port town of nagas. During the times of plague, it became a shelter for many inhabitants of Bragoss and the surrounding villages who had escaped there. The ancient school of martial arts, Tek-a-Hay, has the seat in this town, enabling even an entire novice to become a master of Haidó in six years.

A port town of the necromancers‘ cult, which spread southwards into Bragoss and Kjornik. Thanks to their black magic and spreading of malign diseases, humans had completely no chance against the undead. There is also the legendary Black Mausoleum in the town.


A lake town of the wood elves. One of the few places where wild Silver Unicorns can still be found; they also got into the town emblem. They used to live in whole Ilaris before their amounts started to sink as the consequence of spreading the information about their horns having healing effects. They are under the protection of the elven King Elduin and their hunting will be punished by death.

A city hidden in a deep forest. The place the forest elves chased their brothers out from, to the western lands of Ilaris. As their first act of vengeance, the dark elves murdered a big herd of Silver unicorns, cutting also their horns. Consequently, many struggles happened between both sides, until the Silver War, which took whole 5 years and which none of the unicorns has survived.


Big dwarven halls under the Iron Mountains demons have been driven out from. They got into the mountains’ underground through the „Throat of Oblivion“ which is a certain type of gate, heading into the blazing world of demons. It isn’t known who has opened the gate or why but the dwarves have explicitly shown that they are still the masters of not only hammers and pickaxes but also of war machines. Along with rune magic, they were the ones to help dwarves to banish demons far away westwards.

A desert city with a small harbour. It is often the starting point of many caravans and various adventurers heading to the Ra-Súl Desert. The expeditions obtain here big supplies of food because water can be replenished on the way, in oases or on the coast of Crystal Lake.


A town inhabited by demons escaping from the Iron Mountains westwards. Their first attempts to occupy some necromancers’ towns failed because they had been too weakened and the amounts of undead troops did not decline. So they escaped behind the borders, to the wasteland where Wild Humans had once lived. It is told that demons subjugated The Wilds and that they are still using them as their slaves.

Ruins of an ancient pyramid, nowadays inhabited by necromancers. Nobody remembers any longer who has built the pyramid, or what for. Various stories about bloody rituals, strange creatures from other worlds and big treasure hidden in the heart of the pyramid are narrated among commons. However, nobody has adventured yet to find out to what extent these claims are truthful.


A fabulous village where the first Kirin has been seen. It’s also the only place on the south of Valaria where you can see a flowering meadow and a frozen forest. Local naga wizards control all the states of water and they are connected with spirits of all the seasons.

A dwarven fortress and a port. Entire trade with expensive metals and stones, mined by dwarves, is managed from this place. Likewise, a very good Bear beer is being sold here. It’s not naturally made from animals but it’s so powerful that man feels like being attacked by a bear during the second day.


A mine of the shadow dwarves. They call themselves according to the way of getting shadow steel from ore they invented. As well as the dwarves from Thorrim, even they had to face the demon invasion. As they had good relationships with Bragoss people, they created an alliance with them and they got rid of the demons thanks to their joint effort.

The capital of the Human Empire, the seat of the King Aedric III. It’s located on the Pont River, enabling thus merchant ships from the surrounding lands to sail there. Mallynor catacombs are also very famous, reaching under the whole town. Being not used for their original purpose any longer, they’re nowadays more like a tourist attraction.


A Zakrath Church centre, dangerously rivalling the dragon gods. The priests of Zakratos are told to do true miracles. Disciples are coming to this new church from all corners of Mondalar and the only condition for induction is to abandon all possession for Zakratos’s behoof.


Project information

Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer is the community project, bringing new, original stories, characters, units and world to Might & Magic: Heroes VII. This project is developed as several individual maps for the game - any later conversion to independent modification is still to be considered. This project will be available in Czech and English.

© 2015 - 2016 Lord Graa - project Wryn Pendragon idea, storyboard, characters, world information, editing and finishing Mondalar map, UDK works.
© 2016 - Antalyan - translation from Czech to English.
© 2012 - 2016 Arsheesh - blind map.
© 2016 ticor - story artworks.
© 2016 Maksim Bugrimov, Evgeny Korchuganov, Jasper Cousins, Fluzo Studios - 3D models of units.
© 2012 - 2016 Ubisoft - DoC, MaM: Heroes VI and VII art elements.

All trademarks belong to their legal owners (Ubisoft Ent.).

In case you’d like to participate in this project, don’t hesitate to contact WoH administrator and project leader: LordGraa

These are some positions you can help us on:

  • 2D/3D art designer- textures, graphics, units & buildings models
  • UDK programmer- Matinee, Kismet, scripts & components import
  • Composer - music, sounds
  • Dubber - dialogues, intro
  • Mapmaker
  • Betatester – We will need many betatesters later (will be specified)

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